Michael G Stogner
San Mateo County, California, USA

Bio: I am co-owner of San Mateo County News.com with Sarah Navritil. I have lived in San Mateo County for 66 years and been active in the community as a victim's advocate but I'm more interested recently in supporting a more transparent government starting with my County. I want SMC to be a better place to live. There are 5 Supervisors responsible for the function and well being of our County and to be frank, I don't believe they are doing their job properly. Welcome to our website dedicated to News and information.

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7 responses to “About

  1. Hey, you came up under a search regarding an FBI investigation into a San Mateo County incident regarding a 19-year-old. I can find only one primary source for the information. Are you able to provide court documents or more resources?

  2. John

    Hi Michael . Wanted to let you know I have seen corruption by a certain judge in family court . I haven’t seen my boys in two years . I would like to share my story if you are interested.

  3. PeeWee

    i think i found a story for you – change in county purchasing policy

  4. Bridget Duffy

    Hi! Thank you for your efforts to bring information to the public. My name is Bridget Duffy, I am from Pacifica and I am running for state assembly in San Mateo County. I myself was a victim of sex trafficking as a young teenager and it very nearly distroyed my life. I am just finding out through the process of running for office how far reaching are the overlapping systems of fraternity that keep conditions ripe for the dominance and abuse of women and girls. I called channel 7 and let them know that to have a story about Sherif Balomos and to not air it, is colusion as far as I am concerned and that I will be ringing some bells about it.
    My # is 415- 760- 2084- I would love to work with you and people like you. I am also a citizen watchdog in Pacifica, witnessing and documenting the scandalous behavior of our public servants. I write a newsletter based on the notes I take at city coucil meetings, called EYES ON PACIFICA. It’s not online.
    Thank you, I hope to hear from you.

  5. Sea Breeze

    It’s frustrating when local newspapers try to squash knowledge.

    I have submitted multiple comments to the San Mateo Journal in response to their endorsement of Carlos Bolanos for Sheriff, saying that per other reports, he and Sheriff Munks submitted false identification to the FBI when they were busted in the trafficking brothel. That’s a felony. False IDs also suggest intent to break the law and conspiracy.

    The Journal will hear none of it.

    Thank you for standing like a rock against corruption.

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